Amit Maharaj was born in the City of saints, Gujarat, India. He spent 5 years of his childhood in the suburb of Ville Parle, Mumbai, after which he was admitted to the University of Paramarth (Gurukul) in Rishikesh, where he spent 12 years.

Astroguru Amit Maharaj


All kind of problem solutions by satvik puja, path, jap, tap and anushthan.
love, marriage, afair, house, shop, property, childran, hospital (health), money, court matter, najar bandhan, office, travel, grah kalesh, promotion.


Karya Sidhdhi Shiv Puja
Karya Sidhdhi Shiv Puja

All kind of problem solution, shivpuja, abhishek (milk, coconut water, sugar cane juice, Black sesame seeds, ice, ghee or bilw patra). with rudri path, shiv mahimna stotra, or shiv tandav, e.t.c... for all kind of grah and all problem solution.


Tratak Hanuman PujaTratak Hanuman Puja

Hanuman puja, Hanuman abhishek with ( sesame seeds oil, sesame seeds, udad, clove, sindur, aankda pan) 101 hanuman chalisa, 101 bajrang baan, special sundar kand, hanumad vadvanal stotra, etc... for shatru (aenimy).


Navratri Nav Durga Puja Navratri-Nav-Durga-Puja

Kalash sthapana
Nav divasiy puja
Nitya chandi path

Sampurna devi puja
Durga sapt shati
Nav Chandi Yagna





Dharm PravachanDharm Pravachan

Shreemad Bhagwat Sapttah
Shree Ram Katha
Dharm Sandesh
Jyotish Margdarshan.


Pitru Puja pitrupuja-god

Pitru Puja. Pitru dosh, Pitru nadtar, Narayan Bali, Nag Bali, Panch Bali, Pitru Moksh Path (Puja).




Vastu Expert and Services vastuexpert

Improve your health, wealth, luck by observing the following suggestions of VaastuThe gate of your house/factory should be in the East, North East or North direction.
The gate of your house/factory should not face any religious place, especially a temple.
No shade of religious place should fall on your house. In the house the place of worship should be on North East or Eastern corner. Never make your kitchen towards North East nor it should be infront of or next to toilet. Keep your store for costly goods or money in the North East side in your house..

  • Vastu Expert and Services -             Click here for more details..

    Vaastu and color Therapy
    Vaastu And Lighting
    Vaastu and Office Decor
    Vaastu for Bathrooms and Toilets
    Vaastu for Business
    Vaastu for Bedroom
    Vaastu for Career
    Vaastu for Commercial Buildings
    Vaastu for fame and Glory
    Vaastu for Happy Life
    Vaastu for Hotels
    Vaastu for Industries

    Vaastu for Interiors
    Vaastu for Kitchen
    Vaastu for Living Rooms
    Vaastu for Love Marriage and Relationship
    Vaastu for Opportunities
    Vaastu for Power
    Vaastu for Residential House
    Vaastu for Success
    Vaastu for Vacant Plots
    Vaastu for Wealth
    Vaastu Solution for Students


Match Making

Match-Making-horoscopeUnderstanding and Adjusting Compatibility, Sexual Compatibility, Wealth and Luck, Longivity of Attraction between the Couple, Life of Each Spouse, Growth of Family, Children, etc.
Marriage Compatibility, Astrology Reports, Astrological Predictions, Astrological Matchmaking.

Business Prospects

Anyone who is thinking of starting a business or already is in the business but not getting proper success, come to us and we will provide you better suggestions according to planetary configurations to flourish your business.
Know more about your business growth and prosperity insight of Vedic Astrology.
Are you confused about your or your dear one's career? We provide an exclusive Service Report about your career.
This is a service that addresses about your personal queries regarding your Career, Profession or business.


yagna-pujaYagna is a religious ceremony which is performed to please the Almighty God. It is performed around a holy fire as well as chanting Vedic specific problem removing Mantras conducted by our qualified Brahmins (Seers).



Horoscope Making

Horoscope-MakingWe provide whole life and birth chart containing Lagnas, Dasas, Vimshotri Antardashas and general profile of the ascendent.


Career Prospects

When your career will take a good shape ? .
Know more about the turning point in your career

Health Prospects

health-astrologyHealth is a major path in one's life.
Want to get rid of your health problems and know how it happened?.



Kal Sarp Dosh

Kal-Sarp-DoshKal means death and Sarpa means snake. The person born under Kal Sarpa Yog passes through sufferings and agonies throughout the life. The Kal Sarpa Yog is formed when all the planets are situated between Rahu and Ketu. Kal Sarpa is of 288 types Few of them are Karkotak Kal Sarp Dosh, Ekdant. The effect of each one varies. Hence a detailed and thorough analysis is to be conducted to demarcate its effect.
Kal Sarp yog is more dangerous than other malefic yoga. Kal Sarp Yog effects a person till 47 years and some time throughout his life, its depend upon the position of Kal sarp yoga.
According to the situation of Rahu in 12 houses of horoscope there are Kal Sarp Yogas of 12 major types

  • These are 12 Sarp -             Click here for more details..

    1. Anant Kal Sarp Yogas
    2. Kulik Kal Sarpa Yogas
    3. Vasuki Kal Sarpa Yogas
    4. Shankhpal Kal Sarp Dosha
    5. Padma Kal Sarpa Yoga
    6. Mahapadma Kal Sarp Yoga

    7. Takshak Kal Sarpa Yoga
    8. Karkotak Kal Sarp Yoga
    9. Shankhchud Kal Sarp Yogas
    10. Ghaatak Kal Sarp Yogas
    11. Vishdhar Kal Sarp Yogas
    12. Sheshnag Kal Sarp Yogas


Palmistry Services

palmistry ServicesCareer, Business and Finance
Hand Analysis
Hand Analysis-Express Delivery
Health and Personality
Love, Marriage and Relationships.


  • Special Poojas -             Click here for more details..

    Aayu Vridhi Pooja
    Amavasaya Pooja
    Bagalamukhi Devi Puja
    Baglamukhi Jayanti Puja
    Balaji Jayanti Puja
    Bhairav Jayanti Puja
    Bhanu Saptami Puja
    Bhoomi Poojan
    Bhrugumantra Maha Yagya
    Birthday Pooja
    Brihaspati Puja
    Budh Mantra Japam
    Budh Puja
    Chandra Mantra Japam
    Chandra Puja
    Dattatreya Jayanti Puja
    Diwali Pooja
    Durga Puja
    Durga Sapta Shati Pathh
    Ganapati Abhishekam
    Gandmool Nakshatra Shanti puja
    Ganesha Pooja
    Ganesh Chaturthi
    Gayatri Jaap and Anushthan

    Gem Empowerment Puja
    Graha ravesh Yagya
    Graha Shanti Anushthan
    Guru Mantra Japam
    Guru Purnima Puja
    Hanuman Pooja
    Kal Sarpa Puja
    Kal Sarpa Yagya
    Kanak Dhara Yagya
    Ketu Mantra Japam
    Ketu Puja
    Laxmi Kubera Puja
    Laxmi Puja
    Mahalakshmi Puja
    Mahamrityunjay Yagya - jap
    Mahashivratri Puja
    Makar Sankranti Puja
    Mangal Mantra Japam
    Mangleek Dosha Nivaran
    Naag Panchami Puja
    Navagraha Yagya
    Nav Chandi Saptashati Path
    Navgraha Pooja
    Navratri Pooja

    Pitri Dosha Jaap Tap and Daan
    Pooja for Happy Married Life
    Pooja for health
    Pooja for Love and Marriage
    Pooja for Love Marriage
    Pooja for Marriage
    Pooja for Success in Life
    Pooja for Victory in Court Cases
    Pooja for Wealth
    Pooja for Welfare of Children
    Pooja on Makarsankranti
    Poornima Pooja

    Puja Events Participation
    Puja on ashatami
    Purusha Suktha Pooja
    Rahu Mantra Japam
    Rahu Puja
    Ram Navmi Puja
    Rudrabhishek Yagya
    Sankashti Chaturthi Puja
    Santhana Gopala Homam
    Saraswati pooja
    Satya Narayana Puja